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Toronto Calligraphy,
Illustration & Engraving.

Ishaana M. Cherian is a calligrapher based in Toronto, Canada. She works with brands to provide calligraphy, bottle painting and engraving services across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) at on-site events to elevate their client experience. Calligraphy services are available in English, Hindi and Malayalam.


A message engraved, forever treasured!
When an item is hand-engraved, it carries a sense of human connection and emotion. that resonates with the recipient. This personal touch adds a deeper level of sentimental value, making hand-engraved pieces ideal for gifts and commemorative items.
Precision, beauty, distinctness.
Hand calligraphy creates a one-of-a-kind artwork with a distinct personality. By incorporating the recipient's name or a personalized message, the gift becomes more meaningful and relevant to the individual, leaving a lasting impression.
Let the brush do all the talking!
Painted illustrations can be adapted to suit various gifting occasions. It can be proudly displayed or preserved for generations, reminding them of the special occasion or connection with the giver.
Toronto On Site Illustration and Bottle painting on perfume Ishaana M Cherian.jpg

Why should you hire an on-site artist?

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