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Toronto Calligraphy,
Illustration & Engraving.

Ishaana M. Cherian is a calligrapher based in Toronto, Canada. She works with brands to provide calligraphy, bottle painting and engraving services across GTA (Greater Toronto Area) at  on-site events to elevate their client experience. Calligraphy services are available in English, Hindi and Malayalam.


Calligraphy has an enduring quality that transcends trends and time. In a world dominated by digital communication, hand calligraphy stands out as a timeless and traditional craft. Its classic beauty conveys a sense of nostalgia and craftsmanship, making the gift all the more cherished and treasured.

Hand-calligraphed gifts are not only treasured in the present but become lasting mementos that leave a profound and enduring impact on the hearts of both givers and recipients.

Ideas to incorporate calligraphy into:

  • Wedding Favours 

  • Place Cards

  • Greeting cards

  • Journals

  • Gift tags

  • Bookmarks

My lettering and calligraphy styles

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